How to choose the Perfect Soaking Tub for Your Bathroom

How to choose the Perfect Soaking Tub for Your Bathroom

How to choose the Perfect Soaking Bath for Your Bathroom

Are you looking for a luxurious bath? 🛀 We've got you covered!

But choosing the right bath s more than just picking a trendy/cool design.

Here's what to keep in mind:

Size matters:

  • Measure your bathroom carefully! Account for not just the bath itself, but
    also the space to move around and enter/exit comfortably.
  • Consider who will be using the bath. Do you need a deep soaking bath
    for the ultimate relaxation, or a smaller one to bathe the kids? Style and
  • Freestanding baths are bold and certainly stand out but require more
  • Inset baths are practical and fit snugly into corners, which maximise
  • back-to-corner and back-to-wall baths offer a unique shape and create a
    focal point in your bathroom.

Material matters 

  • Acrylic is affordable and lightweight, but scratches more easily.
  • Cast iron is durable and retains heat well but can be heavy and
  • Stone baths also retain heat, and are heavy, but can come in many
    colours to suit the style of your bathroom.

    Features to consider:

    • Do you want jets for a spa-like experience?
    • Non-slip surfaces for more safety?
    • Does the bath size suit your space?
    • Do you want a bath for relaxation or for practical reasons?
    At Inhouse Trade Centre, we offer a wide range of baths to suit every style, size, and budget. So come visit our website today and grab the perfect bath!


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